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Gobble : the quintessential Thanksgiving playbook
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Author Biography

Nadine Keller Isacs is President and founder of Precision Sales Coaching and Training, established fifteen years ago to enhance the marketing, sales and presentation skills of senior level finance executives.  Clients include Fortune 500 companies such as Prudential Financial, JP Morgan and AIG.  She is the author of “Make it All About Them,” published by Wiley in 2013. In addition to contributing the content for the “family dynamics” chapter of the book, she leveraged her love of entertaining to author other chapters such as table setting and clean-up. She has developed a reputation in Litchfield and Fairfield counties as a consummate entertainer.  In fact, her reputation has so preceded her that she is often asked to donate an evening at her home for charitable fundraisers. Her sister is a lifestyle influencer, penning the blog and often has featured Nadine (aka “Sista”) on her blog.

Peter Keller Isacs (PK) Before he was of legal age to drink, PK developed an interest in wine, pouring through the many books reading about regions, varietals and vinification techniques.  Some of these books were handed down by his grandfather, while others were written by his uncle.  It was no surprise that PK decided to attend Tulane University, located in New Orleans and known for its culinary prowess, beverages and parties. While in college, he worked as a bartender at several leading bars and restaurants.  He has recently received his certification as a Sommelier from the Master Court of Sommeliers.  Additionally, PK is co-founder of DeltaVera, a hemp-based supplement company that creates edible gummies and cocktail-boosting elixirs that provide bespoke solutions for sleep, recovery, focus or relaxation.
Christopher Isacs. Chris has been studying culinary arts his entire life and has developed a reputation among family and friends as an accomplished Chef.  Also attending Tulane, Christopher worked at several well-known restaurants and bars in New Orleans. While in college, he continued to develop his culinary talents hosting often-elaborate dinner parties that quickly transformed into “Tulane’s Society of Dionysus,” which continues as an institution today. Additionally, Christopher has been called on to cater several charity events under the brand “The Culinary Kid.”  After studying mathematical economics at Tulane, he fostered a love of software development and system design. He is co-founder and CTO of Nauta, which utilizes an innovative model to provide affordable and accessible luxury superyacht experiences. In addition to his role as CTO, he is putting his culinary expertise to work as the company’s Director of Food & Beverage.
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