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Haunted Ohio : ghosts and strange phenomena of the Buckeye State
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Author Biography

Charles A. Stansfield Jr. Taught Geography at Rowan University for forty-one years and published fifteen textbooks on cultural and regional geography. In the course of his research, he realized that stories of ghosts and other strange phenomena reflect the history, culture, economy, and even physical geography of a region.He is the author of Haunted Vermont, Haunted Maine, and Haunted

Jersey Shore and coauthor with Patricia A. Martinelli of Haunted New Jersey. - (NBN)

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Reading line: Eerie tales and spine-tingling stories from the Buckeye State

Things that go bump in the night, disembodied voices, footsteps in an empty stairwell, an icy hand on your shoulder…let your imagination run wild as you read about Ohio’s most extraordinary apparitions, sinister spooks, and bizarre beasts. You may know of the wicked witch of Westerville and the Bairdstown curse, but perhaps you haven’t you heard about:

  • a vampire cat that killed small animals for their blood and stalked school children in Geneva;
  • the Cleveland gypsy fortune-teller who attributed her startlingly accurate predictions to her unborn child…for several years;
  • the Black Swamp’s dreadful Swamp Monsters, whose victims bore signs of gruesome mutilation; and
  • Mary Jane Anderson, whose “second sight” was both a gift and a curse.

Charles A. Stansfield, Jr., taught Geography at Rowan University for forty-one years and published fifteen geography textbooks. His research revealed that stories of strange phenomena reflect each region’s history, culture, and even physical geography. He is the author of several other Haunted Series books and lives in Pittman, New Jersey.

- (NBN)

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