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The daughters of Ireland
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Three unforgettable women.

One unforgettable castle. 

Perched atop the emerald hills of West Cork, Ireland, Castle Deverill has been home to countless generations of the Deverill family. But when the castle fell prey to a devastating attack, its survival was at stake—until Celia Mayberry and her husband bought the estate and restored it to its former glory. 

For Celia, the castle holds many fond childhood memories of when she ran through its halls with her cousin Kitty Deverill and their friend Bridie Doyle.

Kitty is wistful for the days when she was the mistress of Castle Deverill. And although content in her new life with her husband and adopted son, her heart still yearns for the man she left behind.

Bridie, now the toast of New York City, has come a long way. But all her money cannot ease the pain of surrendering her baby. When she finds love, she is tempted to return to her beloved homeland—even if it means facing the woman against whom she has sworn revenge.

As their destinies collide, these daughters of Ireland must find the inner strength to build a new future.


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