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New Books
The New Jim Crow
Gut and Psychology Syndrome
Shamus in a Skirt
Pokemon Go
How the South Won the Civil War
My Man Declan
Fight for Me
The Self-Esteem Workbook
Empress Orchid
Losing the Peace
Park here
Our friend hedgehog : the story of us
Hell and other destinations : a 21st-century memoir
The magical yet
Fair warning
By the book : a novel of prose and cons
Furmidable foes
Talk Nerdy to Me
Last Girl Standing
Lucky Breaks
These Women
The Book of Eels
Hollywood Park
The food of Sichuan
Mermaid and me
Hello neighbor! : the kind and caring world of Mister Rogers
Area 51
In the woods
Seagulls soar
Machines that think
This boy