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Grow up, Tahlia Wilkins!
The lucky ones
Jennifer Chan is not alone
The white girl : a novel
Thrill of the hunt : a novel
Razzmatazz : a novel
Countdown to midnight
The King Arthur case
The Darling Dahlias and the red hot poker
The miraculous true history of Nomi Ali
Jill : a biography of the First Lady
Private notebooks : 1914-1916
Fine : a comic about gender
The sea turtle mystery
Bug and the bugs
Pick a pup
Nate plus one
Chasing after Knight
The summer of bitter and sweet
Dead end girls
I kissed Shara Wheeler : a novel
Beauty and the besharam
Some mistakes were made
Nature up close
Wild and wacky animals : an alien
Food and you : an alien
City animals : an alien
Our place in space : an alien
Going green : an alien
Things up close
Structures up close