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New Books
The birdcage
Accomplished : a Georgie Darcy novel
Dark objects : a novel
Hokuloa Road
Master of iron
Violet made of thorns
Beasts of ruin
The comedienne
Boys I know
Goth Girl, queen of the universe
The fallen sun
After hours on Milagro Street
I rise
A girl
Beating heart baby
How to date a superhero (and not die trying)
Meet me in the middle
Long story short
Bloody fool for love : a Spike prequel
How Maya got fierce
Lucas on the line
It sounds like this
Till the wheels fall off
Robert Ludlum
A strange and stubborn endurance
The new neighbor : a novel
The work wife : a novel
Murder spills the tea
The return of the duke
Avatar : the next shadow
Zatanna : the jewel of Gravesend
Attack on Titan omnibus. 3 (Vol. 7-9)
To your eternity. 17
Old country
Identitti : a novel
The last to vanish : a novel
The half life of Valery K : a novel
The unkept woman
Something fishy this way comes
The other guest