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New Books
Date me, Bryson Keller
The summer of impossibilities : a novel
Breath like water
The Black Flamingo
The daughters of Erietown : a novel
The Ox : the authorized biography of The Who
The Fascinators
This coven won
Friends and strangers
One last lie
Exile music
Attack of the stuff the life and times of Bill Waddler
Operation: hat heist!
My video game ate my homework
Shadows of Foxworth
Passage west : a novel
The prettiest star
The Black Swan of Paris
Bunny overboard
No going back : a novel
Daring Her Love
Thick as Thieves
A Pretty Deceit
Immortal Angel
Battle Ground
Murder at Queen
Want You to Want Me
Happily This Christmas
The End of Her
The Floating Admiral
Christmas Cupcake Murder
Troubled Blood
The Voter File
Are Prisons Obsolete?
The Shadows