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New Books
The serpent
Summer of stolen secrets
Kiki Kallira breaks a kingdom
One small hop
Shhh! The baby
Wave of the sea dragon
The ship of stolen words
Generation misfits
Maya and the robot
Journey beyond the burrow
The street belongs to us
Cat & cat. 4, Scaredy cat
Queens & kings and other royal rotters
Native women : changing their worlds
How to break an evil curse
Once a laird
The forbidden
False witness
The okay witch and the hungry shadow
Paranorthern and the chaos bunny a-hop-calypse
Pup detectives 3. The soccer mystery
Survive in the outdoors!
Chibi-Usagi : attack of the heebie chibis
Pickle party!
Black ice : a thriller
COVID-19 and other pandemics: a comparison
The third grave
Shadows over London
Josephine against the sea
Summer Island
Sparkle magic
Henry Heckelbeck, dinosaur hunter
Friends do not eat friends
The man with the silver Saab